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Triplet of Nesting Iroko Trays

Triplet of Nesting Iroko Trays

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Iroko wood has a naturally golden colour which appears to 'glow' in sunlight. 

These nesting trays are turned from pieces of reclaimed Iroko kitchen worktop and fit beautifully within each other. 

Finished with an overnight drench in food safe mineral oil.

1) Approx. Diameter 180mm ø, Height 40mm

2) Approx. Diameter 197mm ø, Height 40mm

2) Approx. Diameter 214mm ø, Height 40mm

Care instructions: Wash quickly by hand, if necessary use a mild detergent. Do not soak in water. Dry immediately with a towel and allow to air dry thoroughly. Use ReWood Nourishing Butter to rejuvenate and protect longevity

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