Reclaimed, Repurposed, Reloved!

About Us

We are a family-run business that values the environment for what it gives, and recycling items no longer wanted. We are based near Braintree in Essex but can ship across the UK, extending to other parts of the world in 2023!

Re-Claimed: Old, unwanted or damaged furniture is found and rescued. Timber from windfall or trees that have been trimmed or removed due to safety reasons is brought back to our "shed".

Re-Purposed: Furniture is given a brand-new life as something completely different whilst trunks and branches are turned (figuratively and literally) into tactile and beautiful pieces of art and functional decoration.

Re-Loved: Transformed pieces are looking for their new forever homes and you'll feel great knowing you have saved something from landfill!

All items are as unique as the wood being used so if there's anything that you like the look of, please get in touch - we can certainly look at creating something specific for you!

Lastly, every order placed will result in a tree being planted with the Eden Reforestation Project!

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