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Square Topped Spalted Salad Bowl

Square Topped Spalted Salad Bowl

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This medium 'salad' bowl is the perfect size for 2-4 people.

Turned with a square(ish) top, it is an interesting bowl full of beautiful figuring.

The corners make it especially easy to pick up.

Finished with an overnight drench in food safe mineral oil.

Approx. Diameter 220-225mm ø, Height 63mm

Weight 509g

 *The top is an organic 'square' and is not restricted to perfect right-angles and parallel sides.

Care instructions: Wash quickly by hand, if necessary use a mild detergent. Do not soak in water. Dry immediately with a towel and allow to air dry thoroughly. Use ReWood Nourishing Butter to rejuvenate and protect longevity

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