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Pop Hollowform

Pop Hollowform

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This unique eucalyptus hollow form is affectionately known as 'pop' because if you rub your hand over the hole it makes a 'pop!' sound.

Turned while the wood was still wet (dripping in fact) the original shape was smooth, round and symmetrical.

While freshly turned and still wet, it was then scorched with fire on the outside, rubbed down with wire wool and put aside to do its thing. 

As the wood dried, warping occurred and made the final shape you see now. On the underside is a decorative epoxy feature.

Finished off with several rubs of ReWood Nourishing Wood Butter to protect the wood and bring depth to the colours.

The eucalyptus wood was very locally sourced from a neighbour. The tree had grown too big for the garden and was encroaching on the house, so she regrettably had to have it taken down. 

Approx. Diameter 145mm ø, Height 4.5mm

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