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Ebonised Large Oak Trays

Ebonised Large Oak Trays

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These stunning ebonised oak trays started life as a kitchen worktop. Turned on the lathe with top and bottom lip detail and ebonised using ReWood's own patina to this deep, almost black colour. Finished with an overnight drench in food safe mineral oil.

These trays are all slightly different as wood is a natural material, plus they are turned and finished by hand.

The price is for one tray.

Approx. Diameter 257mm ø, Height 40mm

Care instructions: Wash quickly by hand, if necessary use a mild detergent. Do not soak in water. Dry immediately with a towel and allow to air dry thoroughly. Use ReWood Nourishing Butter to rejuvenate and protect longevity.

Please note, due to the use of steel wool in the patina, this item is not be suitable for direct contact with food.

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